Top Ten Popular Sports in the World

Top Ten Popular Sports in the World

With the passage of time, we have seen many people are becoming fans of various players, clubs and teams whether its in Cricket, Football, Rugby or Tennis and so on. Billions of Dollars are invested in various sports in order to make it more popular in the World. Today, I am going to dwell on World’s best top ten sports based on data collected from major online sports websites and on surveys conducted on World’s biggest sports.

Top Ten Popular Sports in the World

Top Ten Popular Sports in the World
Top Ten Popular Sports in the World

Here are the top ten sports play in the World:

  1. Football/Soccer

Football ranks at 1st in the top ten sports of the world primarily due to the fact that, it is the most dominant form of sports in Europe, South America and Africa. It is estimated that the Football World Cup final is being watched by 600 million people whereas; more than 600 million enjoys watching the final of UEFA Champions League. More than 200 Nations participate in the Football World Cup and the most popular football players Messi and Ronaldo are among the World’s top ten highest paid Sportsmen.

  1. Basketball

A massive form of sports in China, South America, US and Europe etc which makes it one of the popular global sports. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is being broadcasted in around 200 countries which increases its fan following. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are among the World’s top four highest paid Sportsmen.

  1. Tennis

Tennis is the only sport that is considered in the top seven sport games in every single country. It dominates the continents of Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Latin America. Statistics have shown that over countries are represented in the global sports. Roger Federer, widely known as King of Tennis is top second highest paid sportsman in the World.

  1. Cricket

Being the fourth popular sport in the world, Cricket continues to dominate the media coverage across the globe in around quarter of the world’s total population. The world cup final match between Pakistan and India was watched by nearly one billion people. It is reported that the Indian Superstar, MS Dhoni earns $30 million every year which makes him the highest paid cricketer in the World.

  1. Baseball

It is considered as the the dominant sport in the powerful houses of Japan and US as well as in Korea, Mexico and Canada. Nippon and Major League Baseball are the two major sport events that have highest number of attendees.

  1. Formula 1

Despite being the most dangerous sport in the world, Formula 1 has a major following in the Latin America and Europe and has been rapidly gaining ground in the global world. It is broadcasted in over 200 countries with a reported figure of 500 million viewers per race. Lewis Hamilton takes the lead in becoming the highest paid driver of Formula 1.

  1. American Football

It is the most watched football in US with its popularity fueled by the US citizens itself. The Superbowl event is the most watched in US every year as well as in other neighbouring countries as Canada and Mexico. On the other hand, it is not that much popular in the World but its maintains a little interest in some parts of the World.

  1. Athletics

Almost every country has an interest in this global sports whereas; Olympics is the major sports event that gains about 1 billion audience. It is estimated that in the last olympics, more than 40 countries have been awarded medals from all the continents.

  1. Golf

A sport that has its dominance in Japan, Korea, UK, US and also reflects a solid interest in other parts of the world. The global popularity of golf is attributed to World’s most renowned sportsman Tiger Woods who is among the top ten highest paid sportsman of the world.

  1. Ice Hockey

The most popular sports of Canada, second popular sports of Russia and fourth of US is known as Ice Hockey. The championship of ice hockey has been able to gain 700 million audience in 200 countries.

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