Soccer Betting Systems That You Should Know

Soccer Betting Systems That You Should Know

There are several soccer betting systems that you should know before you place your money on the table. Gaining more knowledge about how things work in betting world will surely bring positive effect for your result. Since betting has existed for long time and the rule doesn’t change much, you don’t have to doubt the authenticity.

Soccer Betting Systems That You Should Know

Soccer Betting Systems That You Should Know
Soccer Betting Systems That You Should Know

Asian Handicap

Don’t think that this system applies only in Asian regions because of its name. The popularity has spread to Europeans areas as well and especially when you are playing in Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Basically there are two reasons that makes bookies fall in love with the system: fewer games to win some profits and clear starting line for both teams.

The basic of this popular system is actually pretty simple: the teams all punters are going to bet on will start on the same level. It means the favorable team would give minus point at the beginning, while the less favorite team has a plus head start. Later on in the end of the game, you have to sum the final score with the initial value.

Take an example from the following case. So when team A wins over team B  2-1, you might or might not win the bet on team A. If the value set at the beginning is -2 for team A and +1 for team B, you lose your bet.

Over Under 2.5

It is boring to bet relying on the winning and losing team only. Over Under 2.5 system allows you to bet on the average goals. This is another well-known and most preferable betting system, voted by the bettors. Write down the basic calculation: sum the goal made by home and away team, then divided it by two.

Several sharpies share their trick to win the bet. It is always better to start off with lower value. Putting your bet in safe place guarantees profit in the end of the match. The simple trick often works for the teams that play better in enemy’s cage than in their own field. In the other words, you still have to pay attention to the goal records of the team.

You can also compare the performance of both teams as home. Set your eyes on the team that had scored more goals, and had less differential result while being away team. The average of this particular team would be more accurate to determine your betting.

1X2 Bet

The last betting system all ventures might have played on is 1X2. You could say that this is the oldest type of betting existed, telling the petty gamblers to guess the favor of the game. 1 stands for home, X for draw result and 2 means you predict that the away team will win the match.

If you are ready to dive deeper in casino world, then the first requirement is mastering betting system. It could be the foundation of your skill. Enjoy your own learning curve, measuring how well you have mastered the system. Step to the other games and apply the basic soccer betting systems that you should know. May the odds be on your side.

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