Rohan Bopanna and Leander peas need resolution

Rohan Bopanna and Leander peas need resolution

Rohan Bopanna is one of the leading professional players and his career ranking is quite high in doubles than in singles. Rohan’s participation in the professional tournament has been high in doubles matches. Probably captured 10th position in the world’s double ranking, so performance in double is good. Rohana is the excellent tennis player and won the direct acceptance of upcoming Rio Olympics. But Rohan Bopanna picked saketh myneni and refused Leander peas. In this session, we are going to discuss why Rohan refuses to partner Leander peas for Rio Olympics. In order to gain appropriate information’s about related topic, stick with this session till the end and gain knowledge.

Rohan Bopanna and Leander peas need resolution

Rohana directly conveyed his decision to AITA and he wants the partner saketh myneni and not Leander peas. Obviously, rohana is not interested in partnering with Leander peas for Rio Olympics and Sania preferred mixed doubles partner at Rio games. No hidden secrets that Sania and Rohan are likely to pair in mixed doubles, this mixed category shows that India has the wonderful chance of winning a medal. These differences hope that India won an Olympic medal and the players are unified in their continued silence about the refusal with Leander peas.

Rohan Bopanna and Leander peas need resolution
Rohan Bopanna and Leander peas need resolution

International tennis federation:

The rules and regulations of international tennis federation allow any player who holds the top 10 position of the ATP doubles ranking, free to nominate their partner on their choice for the games. They directly afford the 24 double players and 12 mixed doubles. Along with they also add some additional guidelines that all athletes must be good stand with their national association and international tennis federation. This type of interesting additional requirements allows the player to negotiate around the will of a player. Actually, the double draw consists of 32 teams and mixed doubles of 16 teams.

The federation accepted their demand as the both Bopanna and mirza are the two highest ranked players in the world, meanwhile both are wish to team together in the mixed doubles. An amazing and good compromise for peas and Bopanna to play the doubles event and it is with leaving stage clear for Bopanna and Sania in the mixed.

Bopanna not keen to partner peas:

The real fact is that Leander peas and Rohan Bopanna do not enjoy the coordinate relationship. Rohana informed to all Indian tennis association that he does not want to Leander peas as the partner in country’s most successful double players at Rio Olympics. Bopanna achieved the top ten rankings and that gave him an automatic qualification for the games. The officials added the final decisions that rest with the selection committee and decide after learning about Bopanna decision.

A direct acceptance of Bopanna provides the right to nominate men’s double partner and written in the letter that the best opportunity to exercise judgment and a best possible partner for me.

Automatic qualification to the Olympic Games:

As boopana hold the top 10 ranking and this reason received an automatic qualification to the Rio Olympic Games in men’s doubles. All India tennis association selection committee meet and take final decision that who will be the partner of Bopanna at the Rio Olympics. Peas felt at pairing with Bopanna will be countries best but the statement to which Bopanna is yet to respond. Bopanna refusal is accepted and finally, peas are partnered with Vishnu Vardhan.

Final words:

Not only rohana Bopanna, Mahesh Bhupathi also refused the Leander peas as their partner. In order to tackle this critical situation all Indian tennis association host a meeting and announced that Bopanna has the right to select his partner in Rio Olympics.

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