Mix Parlay Soccer Betting for Qatar Stars League 2016

Mix Parlay Soccer Betting for Qatar Stars League 2016

Qatar Stars League match will take place in the next few days. Competition between Lekhwiya, Al-Sadd, and El Jaish to compete for the top position certainly can not be missed. Moreover, Lekhwiya have just demonstrated prowess after slaughtering Al-Shahaniya 10-0. This victory makes Lekhwiya occupies the top position followed by Al-Sadd with a distance of two points. El Jasih peek at the third position with only 4 points behind Lekhwiya. Here is mix parlay soccer betting for Qatar Stars league 2016 predictions.

Mix Parlay Soccer Betting for Qatar Stars League 2016


Prepare to enter the bet in the week to 14 Qatar League because there are some interesting games with a high success rate. You see, the top clubs will face bottom club. It is an opportunity for QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker bettors to get in the mix parlay bet on the option. If you are still confused selection of any potential matches to get into the mix parlay your list, here are some recommendations mix parlay bet for Qatar Stars League in 2016 at week 14.

Mix Parlay Soccer Betting for Qatar Stars League 2016
Mix Parlay Soccer Betting for Qatar Stars League 2016

Al-Shahaniya vs Al Rayyan

Al-Shananiya must try to bounce back from an embarrassing defeat in the previous game. Unfortunately, they have to deal with Al Rayyan were still trying to shorten the distance with the leaders Lekhwiya.

You should enter the match Al-Shahaniya vs Al Rayyan in the mix parlay bets list. You can enter by selecting the option handicap at Sportsqq288.com The biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia of 1 to 1.50 for Al Rayyan. Use also the option 1×2 for the victory of Al Rayyan.

Muaither vs Lekhwiya

Lekhwiya is hot surge. The match is likely to be dominated by Lekhwiya. Moreover, Muaither is the gatekeeper of the table and make it unlikely the team will rise up to fight. The victory could have been obtained by Lekhwiya. 3 goal difference is not impossible. Come on handicap 1.50 to 2.00 for Lekhwiya. You could also go to bet on the over-under selection with a value over 2.50. Go to betting half-time if you want to increase the value of profits.

Al Kharitiyath vs Al Sadd

Al Sadd required to win in this match. If not, then the chance to become a champion Qatar Stars League will be far away. Opponent to be faced is Al Kharitiyath who is now ranked 10th in the standings. Despite playing away, Al Sadd is likely to win.

Select 1×2 betting with a victory for Al Sadd. Game results can be erratic so avoid betting handicap. You can play over-under with a selection of over 2.50 for the full time. Bettors can also go into half time result if interested.

Al Wakrah vs El Jaish

El Jaish still harbored hopes to become league champions Qatar. Condition, they can not slip. Come face Al Wakrah, El Jaish will show the best power to secure the position of pursuing Lekhwiya.

You should bet 1×2 or handicap. The match will most likely be won by El Jaish with a margin of two goals or more. Come play handicap in the range of 1 to 1.50. If necessary, you can also play the over-under.

Mix Parlay Composition

Games described above is a selection of games that you should use to play the mix parlay at Bettingqq101.com Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. You can also use other match, of course with the risk that you should consider. If you are still not convinced to bet for the Qatar Stars League, which will take place, following several compositions mix parlay that you can use in the Qatar league this week.

First composition:

  • Al Rayyan win.
  • Lekhwiya win.
  • Al Sadd win.
  • El Jaish win.

Second composition:

  • Al Rayyan handicap -1.00.
  • Lekhwiya handicap -1.50-2.00.
  • El Jasih handicap -1.50.

Third composition:

  • Muaither vs Lekhwiya over 2.50.
  • Al Kharitiyath vs Al Sadd over 2.50.
  • Al Wakrah vs El Jaish over 2.50.

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