How E-games makes addictive to children?

How E-games makes addictive to children?

We are in fast moving the advanced technological world, so innovative E games attract the children and they are eagerly playing with them instead of doing their school work. That every child is highly addicted to video games and they are highly interested in using video games. After crossing a certain limit of playing it moves to addiction stage. Here we are going to discuss detailed information’s about E games makes the addictive to children, the real fact is that it is one of the serious issues to all parents. In order to gain more and more information regarding this children’s video game addiction, you are in need to stick with this article till the end & gain appropriate knowledge.

How E-games makes addictive to children?

How E-games makes addictive to children?
How E-games makes addictive to children?

Not only the children’s, most of the adolescents wish to spend at least half of their free time playing video games. Initially, the adults used to play the video game and soon they become the addiction. It is quite hard to all parents that to get their child away from TV or computer or video games.

The video game designers used to design and looking ways to make their games more interesting and maximize the amount of people to spent most of the time in playing games. What makes the video game addictive?

Games are amazingly designed with a difficult enough to be truly challenging and allow the players to compel them to keep play continuously with break. The real fact is that the design of video game is same as the design of gambling, casinos and allows the player to have small wins, gradually initiates them to play continuously. There found several hooks built into games that are the great intent of making them addictive.

Addiction features:

High score:

The high score is one of the most easily recognized hooks so everyone trying to beat the high score. In latest edition of video games the high score can keep a player playing for hours.

Beat the game:

While playing everyone desired to beat the game and fed as the player’s level up and find the next hidden clue.

Role playing:

Role playing means creating the characters in the game and embarks on an adventure, as it is quite unique with its character. Emotional attachment to the character is created and the story makes harder to stop playing the games.


The exploration tactics are often acted as a role in playing games. One of the most popular online games is the world of Warcraft, a good portion of the game is quite spending in exploring games. The thrilling of this discovery is extremely initiated them compelling.

Massive multiplayer online role-playing games can be quite addictive and there is no ending. The game addiction may reveal children the poor relationship with family members and feel like outcasts at school.

Children are addicted to video games:

Tip fro parents:

Children’s play video games and usually play games on computers, game consoles, cell phones, and handheld devices.

  • Children’s are allowed to play video games only after completing their responsibilities.
  • Limited amount to time period allotted to children’s to play games
  • Children’s are addicted to playing video games and parents are in need to make sure that computer games are not Childs primary activity.
  • Parents are asked to allow one computer for homework and another for gaming
  • Place the computer to console out of Childs bedroom

Final words:

If children’s are addicted to video games then use the appended tips and information’s to make your children reach out of the computer. Recently the video games are innovated and it involves a lot of physical movement. Parents are suggested to afford at least 2 hours of outdoor activities for children.

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