15 hardest sports to learn

15 hardest sports to learn

Pilates and yoga may be the latest trends in fitness, but there’s nothing like the rush of adrenaline to actually feel energetic. Best of all, you can select a range of reasonably priced equipment from major retailers. So strap on a helmet as well as muster up some courage to provide the most difficult as well as top adventure sports a go.

15 hardest sports to learn

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to combine a holiday with sport. You will become so absorbed with the colors and the species of sea creatures that you will hardly notice you’re expending energy. Do a bit of Red Sea diving in Egypt, take in Cozumel in Mexico or get close to the coral on the Great Barrier Reef. Once you’ve had a taste, you will be addicted.

15 hardest sports to learn
15 hardest sports to learn

Sky diving

Incorrectly perceived as the domain of gap year students and adrenaline junkies, sky diving is a regular sport to many, just like cricket. Whilst jumping out of an airplane at 15,000 feet is not for the faint-hearted, the sport offers a great sense of community, fun and skill. Tandem jumps offer the curious the chance to taste the thrill, whilst advanced sky diving courses train and certify recruits in the art of freefall diving. With hundreds of drop zones all over the world, you can experience spectacular views in fabulous locations.

Mountain biking

Taking the bike off-road adds a whole new dimension to cycling. There are numerous events across the UK and Europe for the avid competitor, or you may want to set your own pace and just take in the great outdoors. Whether you get your kicks from cross-country or Downhill Mountain biking, it sure beats an afternoon in front of the television.

Jet skiing

You don’t have to own a jet ski to enjoy this sport. There are dozens of operators who provide ‘Jet Ski experiences’ that include instruction and water courses, and even more operators who simply hire out jet skis. Get a handle on the freeride and freestyle modes of skiing by trying your hand at Nintendo’s Wave Race 64 game first.

White water rafting

There’s you, a paddle, an inflatable boat and pulsating rapids – are you up for it? There are numerous white water rafting centers across the UK which you can attend individually, or organize a group of 4 to 7 people. Skyline Rafting can help you arrange a charity rafting experience with donations going to the reason of your option.


With paragliding you really are in the pilot’s seat. Whether you choose a towed take-off or to launch yourself from the top of a slope, once the wind catches the canopy you are off and flying. You don’t need to purchase the equipment or complete the course to experience the thrill. Tandem paragliding experiences with an experienced pilot will get you up and flying.

Rock climbing

With the emergence of indoor rock climbing centre’s you can safely ascend a rock face even when it’s pouring rain outside. The key is in balance rather than pure strength, so don’t assume your lack of biceps will prohibit you from this sport.

Snow boarding

Inspired by skateboarding, skiing as well as surfing, snowboarding has developed into the coolest of the winter sports.


Canyoning is the descent down a canyon by whatever means suitable. It usually involves rock climbing, abseiling down a gorge and either rafting or swimming downstream as you venture from one point of the canyon to another. Organised activities with an experienced instructor are the best place to start.

Quad biking

For something a little less taxing on the body, but equally as fun, quad biking is your answer. Quad biking safari adventures will see you challenging difficult terrain in a race to cross the finish line first. With a little practice you too can master the balance and throttle technique of this pulse-racing sport.

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